Moments of Realization

You know those moments when you suddenly realize how much something has changed and how much you are really enjoying that change?  I’ve had one of those moments today.

Lili is 5 years and 4 months old.  Naomi is 3 years and 2 months old.  They now have many moments during the day when they actually enjoy each others company.  They enjoy playing together.  They have each other and they enjoy having each other.  They are able to entertain each other during moments of the day.  It’s these moments that allow me to do things like blog about my ‘Moments of Realization’ without interruption because they are getting along and having fun.

It’s not that it just suddenly started today.  No, it’s actually been going on for a while now, but it’s hit that next level.  That level in which they have found common interests and work together as a team in an effort to have fun, to enjoy each other, and enjoy life together.

That is my moment of realization today and I’m going to spend some time enjoying the moment because I know it won’t last forever 🙂

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