1, 2, 3, 4 . . . . . Our Tuscany House

  1. Find a house you want to buy.
  2. Make offer on house.
  3. Offer accepted.

We were able to check items 1 and 2 off our list on Tuesday, then we spent the following two days waiting on the counter offer. It didn’t help that the seller’s agent told us (via our agent) that we would be getting a counter offer on Wednesday. We didn’t receive it.  She told us the same thing Thursday, but no counter offer had been received by that afternoon. At this point, our agent decided it was time to have a talk with the woman representing the seller and that seemed to get the ball rolling.

The end result was that we needed to resubmit a new offer. Not that our offer was bad, but we had requested some upgrades be completed on the house and it was challenging to write a counter offer addressing those requests.  So I ran thru the numbers with our realtor and then Dave talked to her and went thru numbers again. In the end, we all felt like we had come up with a reasonable offer.

This morning, I had another conversation with our realtor and went over the numbers one last time and then she was off to call the seller’s agent to discuss the new offer. Considering how many documents we signed just to make an offer, I can’t say I blame her for wanting to have a conversation with the other realtor before completing paperwork.

About an hour later, I got a text from our realtor letting us know that our offer had been accepted. Then a couple hours later, we got another slew of documents to sign and we are now officially in process to purchase a home.

At this point, I’m guardedly optimistic.  There is a lot that needs to happen before this is a done deal, but we are definitely on our way toward home ownership again.

I am calling this house “Our Tuscany house”.  It makes it sound like we have a house in Italy, when in fact it’s just a house on a street named Tuscany.  Still, it’s fun to say, “Our Tuscany house”.  🙂

Our Tuscany house needs some upgrades, but it has just about everything we were looking for in a house. The only thing missing in more yard, but finding a house with a yard and a pool is difficult, so we went with the pool.

I guess this means we can check #3 off the list.

Now on to . . . . . .

4.  Inspections completed.

Introducing the home we hope will very soon be the Weeks’ Casa.

You can see more photos here.

Wish us luck!!!

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