Just Wondering

Why is adoption so expensive?

Are agencies truly in the business of doing what is best for children?

Families have to be approved to adopt.  A home study agency has to approve them.  A placing agency has to approve them.  A birth mom or country has to approve them.  States and the U.S. government have to approve them.  There are many families who meet all the criteria to adopt, yet don’t have the funds necessary to make their dream of adoption a reality.  Grants are not always easy to get.  Loans are not easy to get.  They do fundraisers.  They sell belongings.  They cut every corner possible, but for some, the money just doesn’t seem to be available.

So, if a family has been approved to adopt by so many entities and agencies are really in existence to do what is in the best interest of a child and it is determined that the best interest of the child is adoption, why aren’t agencies offering low interest loans or some form of long term payment plans to help families make adoption a reality?

Not sure I have all the answers, but I certainly have some ideas.

What do you think?


    • I agree that the agencies aren’t necessarily getting the bulk of the money. Just seems they could do more to help families with the financial end of adoption.

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