Looking for Our Little Piece of Heaven

As we are preparing to put our house on the market, we’re also keeping our eyes open for land in the country. Land that will allow us to build a home, add some chickens and goats, plenty of room for a BIG garden with room to roam and expand as we want. While we could certainly go really big, we know we have limitations. The more land we have the more land we have to take care of – unless the bulk of the land is wooded, in which case Mother Nature can take care of it.

Last night hubby found some property and sent me a link to the listing. That link lead me to another piece of property, quite a bit smaller than what he was looking at. It’s just 5 acres, partially wooded with a decent price tag attached. We decided to contact the listing agent about the property who contacted me this morning. After getting answers to several questions about the property, I made an appointment to go take a look at it this weekend.

While I don’t expect that the first piece of property we look at will be the property we end up buying, it’s really exciting to be taking steps toward making our dream a reality.

And in case this property does happen to be our little piece of heaven, I better end this post and get some work done so we can get our house on the market and sold 🙂


  1. Buy 10 acres and we’ll build a homestead next door!!! Love the idea of this adventure and cannot wait to see how it unfolds!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!

  2. Debbie, we just got a lovely surprise in the mail! Thank you so much for contributing to our adoption fundraising by buying coffee!!! SUCH a blessing!!!

    Angela Kull

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