A Birthday Visit to the DMV

I celebrated my birthday today with a visit to the DMV.  It was either that or drive on an expired driver’s license, so off to the DMV I went with the girls in tow.

Somehow, visiting the DMV makes me feel like the best mom in the world with the best kids in the world.

People were standing in line and only a handful of chairs were open, so after getting our number, we found 3 seats together and sat down for our wait.  In the seats next to us were three young children.  No adult, just three young children between the ages of about 2 and 8.  The youngest climbed in the chair next to me and began playing with the window blinds.  Just as I was about to correct this child, his mom got up from her chair at the side of the room, walked over and told him to come with her.  He responded with a defiant, “No.”  She then said, “I am your mother and you need to come with me.”  He again responded, “No.”  This game went on for several more times before she finally made her way in front of us, picked him up and carried him outside.  The other two kids were left sitting in the chairs next to us.

Fortunately, there was another adult in the group.  I don’t know if this was a friend, relative or significant other, but she was left in charge of the other two kids while mom was gone.  During this, I’m wondering why these adults weren’t sitting with their children where they could more closely supervise what was going on?

Several minutes later mom returned with a bag of candy and the kids rushed over.  For the next 15-20 minutes, these kids were continually walking between their chairs and mom with suckers in their hands.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I just kept moving my legs and feet out-of-the-way and making sure the girls weren’t in the way.  After the DMV we were headed to dinner and I really didn’t want to arrive with some kid’s sticky sucker residue all over us.

Finally, they called a number and the adults in the kid group got up and walked to the counter.  The kids?  They stayed in their seats.  What?!!!!!!

First of all, did I mention the DMV was busy.  There were some other seats available, but why did these kids need to stay in their seats not being supervised?  They were completely unaware mom had even moved to another part of the room.

Eventually, the kids started acting up and getting loud which caught mom’s attention.  She finally came back and escorted them up to the counter with her.

During this entire time, my girls sat nicely coloring, quietly playing with my old driver’s license and the laminated number we were given.  The bag of candy caught their attention and we had a brief moment of, “I’m hungry,” “I’m starving,” and “I want candy.”  Yet, during all the waiting, they were sitting with me and waiting so very patiently in an environment that some adults don’t handle well.

When our number was called, I walked up front with my girls.  I completed the necessary paperwork, got my eyes checked, paid the fee, got my picture taken and finally received my new driver’s license.

It took us just over 1 hour of waiting and I know it wasn’t easy for them to have patience during such a boring wait.  So shortly before leaving the DMV I gave each of them a hug and told them how proud I was of their behavior.

Please understand, my girls don’t always have these wonderful moments.  Quite the contrary.  However, it is in moments like the one today, when I am reminded that I have two really awesome little girls.

And for being so awesome, they both got dessert after dinner tonight!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!


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