Cabin Camping

A few days ago we decided to make a trip back down to Missouri.  Since we hope to one day make our home down there, regular visits make sense. Of course a bigger reason right now is a visit with friends that moved back to the area from Alaska.

So next week we are heading down to the Branson area for a few days at a local campground. Now, we haven’t been camping in about 18 or 19 years and I’m not even sure we can seriously call this trip a “camping” trip. After all, we’ll be staying in a cabin at the campground 🙂 Yet, something about knowing that we’re going to be at a campground creates excitement that I haven’t felt in the last 18-19 years.

Our camping experience all those years ago involved good friends, good food, laughter, exploration, and the great outdoors. While I know there were moments of camping that weren’t always fun, I’m having a difficult time remembering those not so fun moments. All I seem to remember are the good times and I’m ready to have some good times again while we’re cabin camping.


  1. You will be a little less than 2 hours from me! I am all for cabin camping (not as much for tent camping). I hope you have a wonderful time! Be prepared…it is hot right now. 🙂

    • The campground has 3 swimming pools, so we’re ready for the heat. Of course our trip to Silver Dollar City may be a little warm. We’ll just have to spend a lot of time on the water rides.

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