A Great Big Circle

There is no doubt many will be able to relate to this.

You make a plan and are sure it’s a good one. You head down the path of making your plan a reality and things are moving along nicely. There are a few turns along the way while you continue down the path.  Then one day you’re moving along when you realize that all those turns took you right back to the beginning.  You were doing nothing more than walking a great big circle.

I just described life in the World of Weeks. Okay, not our entire life, but life recently.

The vision was clear, or so it seemed.  There were twists and turns along the way, because what fun is life without a few twists and turns.  Then one day we discover that we are right back at the beginning.  We did nothing more than completed a great big circle!!

So what happened to that vision that seemed so clear?  What happened to the path that seemed so right?

I suppose you could say that life happened.  The vision that was so clear became clouded and there was a little rain.  But clouds aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes it take a few clouds and some rain to slow us down and allow us time to gain a new perspective.

Along the way we learned a few things and the knowledge we gained provide us the power needed to look at our options more carefully.  That power can also provide us the strength and courage needed to make the bigger decisions in life that aren’t always easy to make.

The great big circle carried us back to the beginning and here is where we’ll ponder the past, the present and our future.


  1. Does this mean you won’t be moving close to us? 😦 I agree…I have often found myself going in a big circle. Hope that you will soon have clarity on whatever decisions you make!

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