A First for Me

Our asparagus crop has been fantastic this year. I have filled 4 gallon sized zip lock bags with asparagus over the last 5 days. I would guess each bag weighed at least 5 lbs and that’s a lot of asparagus for a family of 5.  I should also mention that asparagus season isn’t over yet.  I can’t seem to cut it fast enough and have already had a few stalks go to seed.

In the past, we’ve eaten some, but a lot we gave away to friends and family. This year we wanted to preserve some for our own family, so Hubby sent me a link to pickling asparagus.

It was a rainy day yesterday, with thunder rolling in the distance, so a good day to pickle some asparagus. I got out the supplies and before I knew it, I had 6 quart sized jars going into my water bath canner. Unfortunately, two of the jars broke, so only 4 jars came out, but it looks yummy.


They will sit for at least a week before we open a jar and give them a try. Hopefully, they taste as good as they look.


  1. Debbie they look scrumptious 🙂
    Is pickling a hard process? Never have done it but would like to give it try. Is there a website you can recommend ?
    Thanks !

    • Pickling is not a difficult process at all. Like with many things, you’ll find several pickle recipes. A simple internet search will give you ample choices, but basically you decide what vegetables you want to pickle, make your brine which is pretty much vinegar, water and spices. Put vegetables in jars, pour brine over vegetables, seal and put them in a water bath canner for about 20 minutes. There are also refrigerator pickles, but I’ve never attempted them. I will one day though 🙂

      Here is the recipe I used for Pickled Asparagus http://foodpreservation.about.com/od/Pickles/r/Pickled-Asparagus-Recipe.htm. I’ll let everyone know how we liked it after we open a jar for a taste.

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