Sparking Passion

Yesterday, my hubby and I were having a deep conversation about life. If you have kids, you’ll understand just how challenging it can be to have any deep conversations, but we managed to steal a few minutes to talk.

During our conversation we talked about how people discover their passion in life.

Passion: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction; an object of desire or deep interest

We didn’t walk away with any earth-shattering realizations about passion in life, but the conversation has continued to circulate thru my mind.

Can a person have many different passions or is it possible to only have one real passion in life?

Is it possible for a person to not have passion about any one thing, but simply have interests in many different things?

If one does not have passion about something, is that a bad thing?  Is it a good thing?

Today, while watching Lili at her horse-back riding class, I began to discover some of these answers in my life.

Lili has passion.  She has passion about horses.  Lili has a deep interest in horses.  They are an object of desire.  She has a deep interest in learning about horses.  She has a desire to ride them.  They are her passion.

Will she continue to be passionate about horses?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I need to support and encourage her passion for as long as it lasts.  It makes her happy!

As I watched Lili riding today, I also remembered my passions as a child.  Some of those passions faded away and simply became interests, except for one – Music!  I’ve always been passionate about music.  I have a deep interest in music, particularly singing.  Every day, I need to sing.  Not sing for other people, but for me.  It gives me  joy and I can’t imagine a day that I’m not going to sing.

At least in my case, I would have to say that I  have real passion about only one thing in life with interests in many other things.  Maybe, if I continue to explore new interests, I’ll discover new passion as well.

Do you have one passion in life or are you passionate about many things?

Are you searching for your passion or content with simply having many interests in life?



  1. Hmmm, good questions. I have definitely seen my own children have passion only to have that passion change (one was passionate about gymnastics but now is about volleyball). I have many interests…not sure about passion. There are some things I love (cooking, travel, reading) but I don’t know if I would consider them passions of mine…I am thinking I would devote more time to them if I was truly passionate. Instead, I let life get in the way… 🙂

  2. Keep writing. Keep asking. And you’re bound to discover what lights you up from the inside.

    For me? My passion is writing. Parenting. And connecting through writing. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I am tickled with an opportunity to share some small-blog-love today… by nominating you for a Liebster Award. Community-building. Affirming. Fun. Wanna play?

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