The girls are participating in a homeschool co-op this year and have attended twice now. Each Monday they have a class in science, art and yoga. The co-op is broken up into a younger age group, early elementary age group and an older group of kids with moms as the educators for science and art. I, along with another mom, have the early elementary age group for art. Yoga is taught by a local yoga instructor and I’m tempted to bring an extra yoga mat and join in. Or maybe I should sign up for a yoga class for an evening out of the house 🙂

After co-op yesterday, we met up with several moms and kids at a local park for some lunch and play. We have been having some fantastic fall weather and a couple of hours in the sunshine while the kids played and explored was awesome.

Co-op is turning out to be a great experience for all three of us. Not only are the girls making some new friends, but I’m connecting with other homeschool moms and we’re all learning something along the way. Makes me love homeschooling even more!!!!


    • Last year was our first year homeschooling and I tried to get involved with a local co-op, but my then 3-yr-old was not welcome to be there. While I understood the concern that younger children can be distracting, I wanted to find an environment that welcomed homeschool kids of all ages. I found it this year and am so very pleased.

      I hope your new co-op is going well.

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