Pinterest Hoarder

My SIL pointed out to me that I have 71 boards on Pinterest.

There are a couple of things I must explain here.

1. I wasn’t one of the first to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon. For a matter-of-fact, I had looked at it a few times and just couldn’t find the appeal.

2. Most of the time I spend on Pinterest consists of me repining interesting recipes, homeschool information, and art projects. Only a handful of the stuff I’ve repined every gets looked at again.

And that’s when it hit me. I have become a Pinterest Hoarder.   I can repin anything and everything I want and actually feel good about it. I’m not going to have the embarrassing distinction of becoming the star of a Hoarders episode and I don’t have to find room in a cupboard or closet for cookbooks, recipe cards, or art and craft magazines.

I see the appeal of Pinterest now, although it’s certainly not as appealing to me as it is to some people.   Yet, it’s nice to go back and try out a recipe that I pinned several months ago or pull out a craft project for the girls and I to try.

I must say I’m a bit surprised that I have 71 boards on Pinterest and find it funny that I never noticed that fact.  Apparently, once I figured out how to create a board, I got carried away.

So while hubby and I have been trying to declutter our home and our life, I’ve become a Pinterest Hoarder.

Now, if I could just figure out how to put all by boards in alphabetical order . . . . hum!

Better end this post and do some repining then get the next load of stuff ready for Goodwill 😉

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