The 2014 Challenge

Hubby suggested that in 2014 we challenge ourselves and commit to a different 30-day challenge each month in 2014. Not silly challenges like eating chocolate every day for 30 days, although that one sounds like a really good challenge. Wait, I’ve successfully been on that challenge my entire life.

Our goal is to make changes in our lives that will be long lasting.  By committing to something for 30-days, that change will hopefully become a permanent part of our lives.

For example, hubby wants to do a 30-day water challenge. For 30 days we drink nothing but water. Since I rarely drink water that doesn’t include tea with agave, that one will likely be quite difficult for me. However, the hopeful outcome would find us choosing water as our drink of choice more times than not after the 30 days.

Another challenge might be walking 2 miles every day or no eating out for 30 days. Walking obviously has great health benefits and not eating out also has health and financial benefits tied to it.

We’ve come up with a few potential challenges, but would like to hear from you.  What are some interesting challenges you’ve taken on or maybe just considered?


  1. Sounds interesting! I don’t think I have done a good job with challenges. I am working out (a tough workout) which has been a challenge. And probably our biggest challenge was the switch to clean cooking/eating. But I haven’t tried anything like that. I will watch you and see how it goes. 🙂

    • Can’t say I’ve done a great job with challenges either. The only one I’ve had success with recently, is walking away from Facebook. However, 30 days of clean cooking/eating would be a great challenge for us in 2014. Since our ultimate goal is build a foundation for life long changes in 30 days, this would be a good one.

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