Her Homestead Dream – Sheep

Recently, Lili has developed a desire to have sheep on our future homestead. She doesn’t have a specific reason for wanting them, she just wants sheep.

You see, hubby and I are not the only ones dreaming of our future in the country. This is something Lili talks about often and several times a week she tells me that she can’t wait until we move to our homestead.  As she has thought more about our homestead, she has begun to develop her own dream of what that will be like.  Her dream now includes sheep, which I know nothing about.  Fortunately, the beauty of our dream is that we have time to learn while we work on our dream becoming reality.

It appears that “Sheep 101” will soon become part of our homeschool curriculum.




    • We are starting a study of sheep as part of our homeschool program. Of course we’ll study several other farm animals as well, but I have to jump on a topic when interest is shown.

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