The Future I See

I’m still scoping out log home plans and liking this one quite a bit.

I would extend the porch around the back of the house, but there isn’t a lot I would change about these plans.  Just a simple, open house plan.  I love it!!

I can envision Christmas in this home.  The porch decorated with garland and lights.  A Christmas tree in the window, decorations of gold, green and red.  Baking cookies as Holiday music filling the air.  Songs like . . . . .

“The future you see is the future you get.” – Robert G Allen

My log home in the country just may be in my future after all.


    • You and I obviously have very similar taste is homes. Love it!!!

      I am curious though, why Tennessee? Not that Tennessee would be a bad choice, because it’s not. Just curious.

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