Today Better Than Yesterday

My yesterday included laundry, which isn’t different from most days for me.  The washing machine was doing its job, while I chatted on the phone with a friend for a few minutes.  The call ended and I heard running water.  As typical in my house, there was kid noise and the weather lead me to believe I was hearing snow melting and running off the roof.  After quieting the noise, I realized the water I heard was not coming from outside, but inside.  I immediately headed toward the laundry room and found water running out into my family room.  AHHHHHH!!!!

The washing machine had finished running all cycles and was off, but water was still filling the machine and a steady stream of water was running from the bottom of the door of my front-load washer and onto the floor.  Over half the utility room, the entire 1/2 bath and a portion of my family room floor covered in water.

As quickly as I could, I moved the washer and dryer out-of-the-way so I could turn off the water.  With the water no longer filling the machine, I began to throw towels on the floor, but a considerable amount of water was obviously still in the machine as water continued to flow from under the door.  Unaware of how much water was in the machine, I tried turning it one to drain the water.  Unfortunately, my washer has a rule that says I can’t turn it back on without first opening the door.  So, I grabbed a bucket and hoped for the best.  As soon as the door opened, massive amounts of water poured out filling the bucket within seconds and the rest flooding my house even more.

After about 30 minutes, I had used the majority of towels in the house and had the majority of the water cleaned up.  Hoping there was no other damage to the washer, I put the wet towels into the drum and turned it to the spin cycle.  Fortunately, it worked and I was able to remove the excess water from the towels.   Of course the water was still turned off, so at least I didn’t have to worry about more flooding.

Now I had about 5 loads of towels sitting in baskets awaiting a trip to the Laundromat.  And not a trip on a beautiful winter day or even better a beautiful spring day.  No a trip to the Laundromat on a rainy winter day with 8-10 inches of snow now melting because of the rain and warmer temps.  A wet, slushy, dreary day of flooding inside and outside.

The beautiful thing about today is that I get the choice to make it better than yesterday.  So today I make the choice to not do laundry and that will most certainly make today better.


    • Dave researched the problem and has ordered the part. He is going to try to repair it himself. If we’re going to successfully homestead, we need to make as many repairs as we can ourselves.

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