For those who enjoy coffee and want to support a good cause, Just Love Coffee Roasters have recently added some new coffees to the line-up.

Ethiopian Harrar – This wonderful Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian coffee comes from the same coop, Oromia, as our Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffees. This fruity, wine-like tones create a rich aroma and an outstanding cup.

Peruvian – This organically shade grown Peruvian coffee is light to medium roasted. It has a medium body with nutty accents and an earthy finish. This coffee has some semblance to the coffees of Colombia and is very distinguishable among all the Just Love Coffee offerings.

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I am a wife, a mother via biology and adoption, a homeschooler and a lover of travel.

One thought on “Coffee

  1. Yumyum….I was fortunate to be able to buy some while we were there so don't need any right now…for those who read this, Ethiopian coffee rocks! Buy some from Debbie now!

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