Hello July

Good-bye June!

June ended up being much more hectic than I had anticipated.  July was beginning to look even more hectic and then I realized we needed to remove something from our schedule.  The result of that decision was putting horseback riding lessons on hiatus.   Naomi and I had only been riding a few months while Lili had started riding over a year ago.  Both the girls had recently started gymnastics and in the end I decided that physical exercise and social opportunities provided by gymnastics would be more beneficial to the girls.  We have all learned a lot and have had some great fun during our riding lessons.  Maybe one day we’ll be back in the saddle again, but not for the next few months.

I haven’t shared much about our homesteading plans lately.  Primarily because there isn’t anything to share.  Just when it looks like we’re getting closer to making that dream a reality, something happens to push it back a little further.  Things just haven’t worked out the way we had planned or hoped so we have moved from Plan A to Plan B to Plan C, etc.  Eventually we’ll fall upon the Plan that works, but along the way I’ve managed to gain some patience and perspective.

This week I prepare for out-of-town guests.  My house has been in a state of disarray as I’ve slowly (as in a turtles pace) been de-cluttering, organizing, cleaning and painting.  I’ve had to step up the pace this week, which hasn’t been an easy task.  Somehow I developed tendonitis along the pinky finger side of my right hand (I’m right-handed) and plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  As a result, I’ve had to take frequent breaks to get off my foot and rest my hand.  My hand is feeling a little better after a few physical therapy appointments and I’m doing some exercises and stretches to help my foot, but it’s frustrating.

There is a lot more happening in our world, but my blog post time is up and now I’ll have more to share as the month goes on.


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