My lack of posting hasn’t been from a lack of things to write about.  It’s been more a matter of not having the words to write all my thoughts, feelings and information about life right now.  There is nothing bad happening, just a lot of thinking and discussion taking place these days and that’s a good thing.

One thing hubby and I have been discussing is what things are important to us as we search for our ‘perfect’ piece of homestead paradise.  We all have certain hopes and dreams about where we’ll live and what the landscape will look like.  Since our goal is to move to that perfect place, why not figure it all out and then figure out exactly where we need to land to find it.

Here are the choices.

1.  Mountain

2.  Ocean

3.  Lake

4.  Flatlands

5.  Hills

6.  Dessert

7.  Wooded

8.  River

9.  Any landscape I’ve forgotten to mention

My choice would be living on a piece of property that has some hills,

with a view of the mountains,

near a lake.


Of course these things aren’t all that’s important to me, but having some scenery like this every day would certainly be a wonderful way to live 🙂

What about you?  What’s your favorite landscape or combination of landscapes?



  1. I LOVE the beach landscape but I would miss the trees I think. And Colorado was amazing…I loved the mountain scene. But again, I missed the trees. I can’t imagine not having all of the colors of leaves in the fall. So I think I will stay put in the hills of Arkansas. 🙂

  2. I have to believe that the hills of Arkansas are pretty much like the hills of Missouri. It is beautiful, so I completely understand why you would want to stay put.

  3. The northwest, with a view of the ocean on one side and of the mountains on the other. Maybe on one of the islands, Whidbey, Anacortes, San Juan. Yes, that would be lovely.

  4. I currently live in a plain, flat subdivision where all the houses look the same. When you drive out of the houses all the shopping areas look the same. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a spot in the mountains with some woods and a river!

  5. Kate and I just got back from a week on the Oregon coast. Mountains behind us, the ocean in front of us, and a cabin (well actually it was a townhouse) on a spring fed lake. Heaven! Kate is ready to move!

  6. The Oregon coast is beautiful. Many years ago my cousin (who lives in Oregon) and I drove from Seaside, OR down the coast to Newport, OR. It was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever been on.

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