I was outside doing some gardening, because that’s the way I like to spend my birthday!!!  When I came inside with my arms full of peppers – we are getting an AWESOME crop of peppers this year – hubby shared a conversation he had overheard between Naomi and our son Josh.

Josh is giving Naomi tongue twisters. He told her to say, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” She tried. Then he told her to say, “Rubber baby buggy bumpers.” She tried. Then she said, “I have one for you. Say, ‘cheese, cheese, cheesecake, cake.” He did it, so she said, “ok, say – eso pingo, pingle, cupcake, bottom, cupcake, bottom.”

I needed to get this story in writing.  It’s just another example of how creative and funny she is.




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