The “M” Word


My friend Cecilia began writing a letter to her sister about the “M” word.   Having lost their mother years earlier, Cecilia realized that she needed to fill in the gaps their mother left behind.  That included preparing her sister for one day going thru menopause.

As she was trying to put into words what she wanted to share, she came up with a brilliant idea.  Why not invite other woman to share their stories and journeys thru menopause?  After all, there are and will be millions of women who need someone to talk to them about the “M” word.  So she invited several woman who read her blog to participate in writing a book called, “Letters For My Little Sister.”  I was one of 68 women invited to participate.

Writing a blog does not a writer make, but having gone thru menopause certainly qualified me to participate in the book, so I put together my piece and sent it off to Cecilia.

The book has gone to the printers now and Cecilia is awaiting the proof copy.

I am excited and honored to have participated in the writing of this book.  I’ve pre-ordered three copies (one for me and one for each of my daughters).  I hope the book is a huge success in providing other women information and inspiration as they begin their own journeys thru menopause.  After all, we don’t all have mothers in our lives who are willing or able to tell us about their own experiences with the “M” word.

Now, if you will all please do me a favor and go out to Cecilia’s FB page then hit ‘Like’ that would be awesome.  Not only can you stay up-to-date on the publishing of this book, but enough likes will give even more recognition to this little book.



  1. Debbie, I have a sister who was married for 14 yrs. then she divorced, and now, another 14 yrs or so later, is preparing for marriage again, She has gone thru menopause in that interval of singleness. I have gone thru, am going thru menopause having been married the entire time. I keep thinking that there are a few things I need to clue her in on. Can one do that?
    April in Ak

    • I suppose it depends on the relationship you have with your sister, but if you feel it’s important to talk to her about the “M” word, then you should. Menopause was a forbidden subject and for many, it probably isn’t a comfortable subject to discuss. However, it’s part of the aging process and being able to talk and share the good and bad of menopause could be helpful to your sister.

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