They Arrived!

My copies of Letters for my Little Sister.  My words, along with the words of other women, about their journey thru menopause in black and white.  Printed on pages in a book.  A book that I can hold in my hands.

I’ve started reading thru my copy.  Those words from other women who share similar stories to mine about a subject, while not as taboo as it once was, is still not something often discussed.

As an older mom, it is highly doubtful that I’ll be around when my daughters begin their own journeys thru menopause.  I have a copy for each of them as well.  My experience and other women’s experiences that they can read about.  Experiences that will hopefully give them a better understanding of life in their older years and a sense of normalcy.

This book is available for purchase thru Amazon and you can get your copy here.  A book for yourself, a loved one or your own daughters.

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