A Venture Into the Unknown World

Of freezer meals.

It’s something hubby and I have discussed in the past, but we just never got around to making it happen.  Now, with two more kiddo’s living under our roof and a crazy kid-centric schedule to maintain, what once seemed like a luxury has turned into necessity.  I’m sure the lack of blog posts recently indicate that I’ve been a little busy 🙂 and I could use some help preparing meals for the family right now.

So I selected a few meals to prepare, then the girls and I headed to the grocery store tonight to pick up the rest of the ingredients.  Tomorrow, hubby and I will begin putting together meals that will find residence in our freezer, then into the slow cooker or oven and finally on the table to feed the family.

Here is the menu . . . . .

*Meatballs – I can think of so many ways to use meatballs.  The obvious is toss them in spaghetti sauce and pour over pasta, but they can also been thrown in the slow cooker with some BBQ sauce, sweet and sour sauce, gravy, or a number of other sauces to be poured over rice, potatoes or vegetables.

The Best Meatballs Ever {Make Ahead Freezer Cooking}

*Broccoli Chicken Divan – This recipe kept showing up as I was searching for good freezer meals.  I figured it must be good so we’ll give it a try.

Broccoli Chicken Divan Allrecipes.com

*Slow Cooker Pizza Bake – I’m always on the search for new slow cooker meals and I’m hoping that having pizza in the name of the recipe will be a winner with the kids.

Slow Cooker PIzza Bake #Recipe #Dinner #Maindish

*Teriyaki Pork Chops – We have a ton of chops in the freezer from the pig my friend Cecilia raised for us.  I’m excited about using them in a freezer meal.

*Salsa Chicken – This recipe looks pretty quick and easy to put together.  All I will need to do is toss it in the slow cooker one morning for a nice hot dinner some night.

*BBQ Chicken – Can’t go wrong with BBQ chicken.

I’ll also be making Spaghetti Sauce, Biscuits, Bread Dough and Rice for the freezer.

Fingers crossed that some, if not all these meals will be a hit with the family and our freezer meal experiment a success.  Of course I’ll share the results and favorite recipes with you in future blog posts.

If your family is already enjoying freezer meals, please leave me a comment with your favorite freezer meal recipe.  We really want to make this work and I’m gathering all the recipes I can find.



  1. Lasagne – can be chicken, traditional beef or lamb mince, vegetarian. Although probably time consuming for you to make initially lasagne freezes well and can be put into low oven to heat up very easily while you are occupied elsewhere. I have never been successful with freezing cooked rice – just as easy to cook in 10 mins. Another favourite of mine is beef and pork sausages on a bed of potatoes bunged into slow cooker in the morning for a very satisfying bangers and mash meal in the evening. Laura

    • Thank you for sharing Laura! I was hoping to freeze rice as well, but your comment has caused me to rethink this plan. I will also be adding a variety of lasagnas to the freezer in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I LOVE freezer cooking!! I know you will as well, especially with a hectic schedule. I have a recipe for turkey taco soup that is not only delicious it also makes four gallon size bags. It is great for lunches! Have fun!

    • I do the following:
      If the recipe calls for rice I put the required uncooked amount in a freezer bag and label what recipe it is for. I then put it in the freezer next to recipe it goes with. You can freeze uncooked rice. I do this with shredded cheese, tortillas or anything else that you can freeze that you don’t use until you are ready to eat the meal. This way I don’t have to worry if I have everything when I’m ready to thaw out my meal have it for a meal.

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