Adventures, Part I

I’m not sure I have ever had this much time between posts, yet life seems to have taken its toll on the blog.  I could promise to write posts more regularly, but I must be realistic.  With 4 kids, the Holidays, school, a house, dogs, and all the other activities this month, my posts will more than likely be sporadic at best.  For this, I apologize.  I much prefer reading blogs over Facebook posts and find myself frustrated that some of my favorite bloggers have resorted to ignoring their blogs.  Now, I find myself in the same position.  What I will promise is to try to write more regularly than I have.

With that said, let me share with you all that has happened in the World of Weeks.

The weekend of December 14th – 16th, we were in Sandusky, OH at Kalahari Water Park and Resort.  We joined some other families who have children from Guatemala for a weekend of watery fun.  One of the families in attendance was very familiar to us.  Or maybe I should say their daughter was very familiar to us.

Before Lili’s adoption was completed, she lived with her foster-mother and her 3 children.  In this same foster home was another baby girl.  She was only there a short time when her birth mother changed her mind and decided to parent her.  A short time later, another baby girl moved into the foster home.  Her name was Emma.  For the next several months, these two baby girls were loved and cared for by their foster family.

I met Emma during my two visits to see Lili while waiting for her adoption to be completed.

Finally, everything was finalized on both girls and Emma went home with her family.  A few weeks later we brought Lili home.

I’ve kept in contact with Emma’s family over the years and we had the privilege of finally meeting them (minus dad was had to work) and seeing Emma again at Kalahari.  The girls left Guatemala as babies and were together again as 7-yr-olds.  It was a great reunion.

Because I did not get permission to post Emma’s picture, I will not be sharing those photos.  However, stay tuned for more adventures from the World of Weeks as well as some awesome pictures.


  1. I know all about not updating a blog, but never apologize for not posting when what you’re doing is giving your family and life the full attention they need. Glad you had fun with the girls and that there was a reunion. I can imagine, at 7 years old, that there was a lot of giggling involved!

    • After 8 years of blogging, it seems strange to have such a long break between posts.

      At first there was a lot of peeking at each other. It just seemed strange to them that they lived together as babies. Once they got over the shyness, they had a great time.

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