Adventures, Part 2

After our trip to Ohio, I quickly unpacked, did laundry and began repacking. We had three days home before we loaded up the Suburban. This time we were heading west to Denver, CO.

Hubby and I had both spent some time in Colorado, but neither of us had been to Denver. We were looking forward to seeing the area and this trip would prove to be quite the experience with 4 kids.

That Thursday, FS1 got off the bus from school, we finished loading up and then headed out. I can’t say I was looking forward to the drive. When it comes to travel, I prefer to drive. Not that I don’t like flying, but I enjoy seeing the landscape along the way. However, I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to the landscape across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. No offense to those residing in those particular states. I just don’t find the landscape to my liking. I like hills, mountains, large bodies of water and I didn’t expect to see a lot of hills, mountains or large bodies of water on the drive. Unfortunately, my concern were validated. The drive was pretty boring and the closer we got to Colorado, the more anxious I became. I longed to see mountains in the distance and we just couldn’t seem to get there soon enough.

After a stop-over in Omaha for the night and more hours of driving, we crossed the state line into Colorado. The flat lands began to disappear and we soon found ourselves climbing to a high elevation. Everything was brown and not what I was expecting, but then it happened. In the distance I saw the mountains. It was a beautiful sight!

We finally reached the hotel where we would stay for the next 4 nights.

During our time in Denver we visited Dinosaur Ridge. The kids, specifically Lili, were especially excited to see real dinosaur fossils.

DSC_0086  DSC_0087

DSC_0093 DSC_0091

I too enjoyed seeing the fossil, but loved the landscape even more.

DSC_0097 DSC_0096

After Dinosaur Ridge and lunch, we headed back to the hotel for some rest before our next Denver adventure.

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