$1 a Day

My 1st world problems . . . . .

What am I going to fix for dinner?

Should I have hubby bring dinner home?

Is it time to buy a new car?

When do we want to replace the carpet?

Will we be able to find our homestead by the end of the year?

These are just a few of my 1st world problems.  I don’t often think of the fact that there are moms in other parts of the world who aren’t asking the question, “what am I going to fix for dinner”?  Instead, they are asking, “Where will I find money to buy food for my family”?  There is no phone call or email to her husband asking him to stop somewhere and bring dinner home.  They can’t afford a phone.  And forget the question about a new house for these moms.

Recently I was introduced to a documentary called, Living on One Dollar.  Four college students travel to a rural village in Guatemala with the sole purpose of finding out what it is like to live on $1 per day.  Lili was born in Guatemala, so I immediately went out to Netflix to find the documentary and watched it.

These 4 guys did a great job of helping me better understand what living on $1 per day is like.  How much planning someone has to do to live on such a small amount of money.  The opportunities that aren’t available due to the lack of sustainable income.  How many things, we take for granted, are not part of their daily lives.

We have a family of 6 right now.  If each of us were given $1 per day just to buy food, how would that change our lives?  Maybe that’s a challenge my family should take?

I encourage you to watch this documentary, Living on One Dollar and then tell me if and how it changed your views on life.



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