Sunny Days Are Here Again

It appears we’re going to have dry weather for a few days.  Woo Hoo!!!!  I was beginning to think we were going to need to use the wood from our fallen tree to build a big boat.  But alas, the rains and storms have moved out and I’m looking forward to some quality time with the great outdoors.

We still have a fair amount of clean up that needs to be done from our fallen tree.  Fortunately, we (primarily hubby) were able to get quite a bit of the tree cut up and the debris moved despite the rain.  Our son even came over one day to help stack wood.  I had moved so many branches and logs myself that hubby told me I could do a Geritol commercial.  He says it was  compliment, although I still question if he was simply implying I’m now part of the geriatric community and could start buying Geritol 🙂  LOL!!!!

The garden is looking rather water-logged, but that hasn’t stopped the weeds from flourishing.  I’ll be out this afternoon with my trusty hoe ridding the garden of green foliage that shouldn’t be there.  I also have two more tomato and pepper plants that need to go in as well as some cucumber and zucchini.  Overall, the garden isn’t looking too bad though and I’m hoping the yard will be mowed this afternoon as I could sure use some more grass clippings for the garden.

Rain certainly does a good job of making everything a bright beautiful green.  I’m quite sure the ground has soaked up enough water to keep things green for many weeks and I am so happy to have a few rain-free days.


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