Foster Update

Last month FS1 and FS2’s parents went back to court.  I appears that one or both parents are moving in the right direction as the judge has left the status as “return home in 1 year”.  He scheduled the next court date for the middle of July.  The boys were removed from their parents the end of July.

This information sent Naomi and FS1 into a downward spiral, but after talking to the case worker more, she assured us that even if the judge changes the status to return home at the next court hearing, the boys would not return home right away and said FS1 would be starting school here next fall.  That made the kids feel much better about the situation, but I got a little taste of what it will be like when they do return home.  It’s not going to be a pretty picture, but at least we can prepare as best we can for them to go back and live with dad and/or mom.

I say dad and/or mom because they are no longer together.  I have no idea how this will play out, but from the little bit I know, dad appears to be trying to do what he needs to do to get his kids back.

With that said, I am absolutely in favor of kids growing up in their biological family, as long as that family is able to provide them a safe, loving and nurturing environment.  I hope that will be the case for FS1 and FS2.

In the meantime, we plug along as a family of 6.  We have had many challenges along the way and quite honestly, but the experience has also been so much better than it could have been.  We just hope that in the end we are making a positive difference in the lives of these little guys.


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