The Goat That I Don’t Remember

Our life experiences, even those we can’t remember, play a significant role in shaping our personalities.  They help determine the things we like or dislike.  They peak our interest in certain things.

I remember spending a lot of time at my grandparents home as a child.  Until this weekend, I wasn’t aware of how much time I spent there as a child.  I remember the outhouse, that was very scary to use at night.  I remember the chicken coop and the chickens.  I remember eating oatmeal with half-n-half.  I remember my grandmother’s cooking, which was always yummy!!  I remember several things about time at my grandparents home, except I don’t remember the goat.  For a matter-of-fact, I had no idea there was ever a goat until my sister shared that information with me.

Could it be the goat that I don’t remember found its way into my psyche and that is why I have such a big desire to have a home in country with goats?  It’s a life experience I don’t remember and I find that lack of memory disappointing.

Maybe the goat that I don’t remember has nothing to do with my deep interest in goats now, but I certainly enjoy being around goats and still hope that one day I have the opportunity to raise a few goats.

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