It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

But there isn’t any old man snoring here.

We went to an adoptive families event a couple of weekends ago and came home to discover that our sump pump and all the back-ups we put in place, had failed.   The intense rains we’ve had all spring and early summer, combined with the heavy pouring rains that fell during our trip away, were just too much for the sump pump.

All week we worked on cleaning, removing carpet and pad, drying and cutting out sheet rock.  We did take a break to go pick up Georgette from her vacation aka warranty work on Friday.  With several upcoming camping trips, I needed to get her packed and ready to go and last night I was finally able to get started on that project.  It was then I made a new discovery . . .

When we picked up Georgette, we were in a big hurry because the disposal company was going to deliver a dumpster for all our water-logged basement items and I needed to be home for the delivery.  We got her home and then hubby took her back out to get some work done on one of the tires.  He brought her back home, parked and set up.  Over the weekend I had moved a few things from the house to Georgette and we checked to make sure all the warranty work had been done.  Everything looked good and with all the basement stuff, we looked forward to our upcoming camping trips.

I had washed bedding before taking Georgette in for more warranty work and was getting ready to make Lili’s bed when I saw something on her mattress under the window.  As I took a closer look I discovered it was glass.  I pulled back the curtain only to see the window had been shattered.  My first thought was that someone had tried to break in, but when I went out to look at the window I found damage on each side of the window.  It was very apparent that at some point, either at the dealership or during the trip to the tire repair place, she was damaged.  Hubby has no idea when it would have happened, but she is damaged and this morning made a trip back to the dealership for more repair work.  Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel the camping trip for this weekend because it is going to take at least two weeks to get a new window and our week-long camping trip the following week is in also in jeopardy.

When it rains, it pours.

I suppose this is the down-side of home and RV ownership.  Things are going to happen, plans will have to be changed and life goes on.  Still, I’m ready for a little less rain and a lot more sunshine.


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