Georgette and the Great Southeast Adventure – Day 2

After a nice night in Kentucky, we got everything put away, pulled in the slides, raised the levelers and we were off.  We continued our trek south and then turned eastward to Tennessee.  The further we went, the higher the hills.  It was a lovely day for a beautiful drive thru the Great Smoky Mountains.

We pulled into a Flying J Truck Stop and I threw together a quick-lunch, but after lunch we had a little change.  Change of drivers that is.  Hubby was tired and needed me to take my place behind the wheel for a while.  Other than pulling Georgette up a couple of feet at a campground, I hadn’t driven her yet and I was nervous.  However, I was more nervous about hubby driving while tired, so I cleaned up from lunch, got everyone buckled into their seats and sat in the driver’s seat.  Hubby gave me some instructions and we were off.  I pulled out of the parking lot into the street, turned at the stop light and exited toward the Interstate.


Georgette is big.  Not semi-truck big, but 37 1/2 feet long and a little over 8 feet wide big.  Certainly much larger than the Suburban I typically drive.  It took me about 30 minutes to feel a good comfort level handling Georgette, but I eventually found my groove and drove the rest of the way into Charlotte, NC.

Georgette, with me still behind the wheel, pulled into Carowinds Camp Wilderness where we would stay for a few days.  Hubby got us checked in and I drove to our camp space, parked Georgette, got her leveled and we began setting up camp.


It was a nice spot with plenty of room for the kids to play.


Room to take dogs out for potty breaks.


And an overall quiet campground for taking walks.


We also had a view of Carowinds.


The campground provided shuttle service to and from Carowinds Theme Park, which was a nice benefit and we looked forward to our time there.

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