Georgette and the Great Southeast Adventure – Part 4

Day 4 of our Great Southeast adventure was a bit more laid-back.  We spent more time at the campground and then headed to the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market to stock up on some produce.  While in line to make a purchase, the gentlemen behind me was chatting with FS1.  He then began chatting with me and I told him we were just visiting from Illinois.  He perked up and told me he was from Illinois as well.  He and his wife lived about 30 miles from where we live and when he retired they moved to Charlotte, NC.  I find it so amazing that we live on such a large planet and at the same time it seems so small.

Our trip to the farmer’s market made one thing very clear – FS1 was in need of lunch and a nap, so we headed back to spend some time with Georgette and get a little rest and relaxation.

After lunch the boys took naps while the girls and I headed to the pool.  They are always thrilled to have some pool time, which is typically the highlight of their vacations 🙂


Naomi was also beginning to overcome her fear of water getting in her face and took off her life vest so she could practice putting her face in the water.  She was quite proud of her new achievement.


That evening we went out again, this time for dinner.  We had searched out restaurants for some of our favorite food and were happy to have found . . . .


The restaurant was small and quiet.  While I can’t say it was the best service or Ethiopian food we’ve ever had, it was certainly good and we enjoyed our experience there.

After dinner, we drove to a small bakery selling Guatemala desserts.  Yummy!

Both of the girls were quite happy that we were able to add a little bit of culture from their birth countries to our trip.

We drove around taking in the different sights and sounds of the city




wishing we could have spent a little more time visiting some of the local attractions.  Unfortunately, we were renting a vehicle for only a short time, which put limitations on our adventure.  Still, I’m glad we got to see a little bit of the city during our visit there.

We were very much enjoying our visit to North Carolina, but Georgette was lonely so we ended our Day 4 adventures and snuggled in for another night’s sleep.

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