Still Goin Strong

Today hubby and I celebrate 30 years of marriage.

Considering we are in full throttle trying to get ready for a big moving sale this weekend and a big move in 39 days (not that I’m counting down), we aren’t going to be doing much celebrating.  We’ll do more celebrating in January when we head out on a week-long cruise to the Eastern Caribbean 🙂

Although we may not be celebrating today in the traditional sense, we are celebrating none-the-less.  We’re celebrating 30 years of ups and downs.  We’re celebrating 30 years of triumphs and failures.  We’re celebrating 30 years of happiness and tears.  We’re celebrating 30 years of adventure and uncertainty.  We’re celebrating because through it all we continue to be life partners and best friends.

For the last several years I’ve shared the one song that best describes our life together.  You see, we really didn’t have a huge cheering section when we got married.  We had family and friends, who didn’t just think it was a mistake, but were completely against our union.  Some actually walked out of our lives altogether.  They didn’t think we would make it and some probably hoped we wouldn’t.  Yet here we are, we’re still together still goin strong and I can’t wait to see where life takes us over the next 30 years.

To my hubby, the love of my life.


  1. Happy anniversary! I hope you have many more blessed years together! I love that you have “beat the odds” for those who opposed the marriage and that you are not only still married but happily so. Celebrate away!

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