The Dance of Change

Everyday I try to read something that encourages me to do better and therefore, to be better as a human being.  This requires change and right now there is certainly a lot of change happening in my life – emotionally, physically and geographically.

Change isn’t always easy and when you go thru multiple changes all at once, it can be challenging to the point of wanting to curl up and stay in bed all day.

I read a post this morning that couldn’t be more applicable in my life right now.  It was the motivation I needed to keep doing the dance of change.

Change isn’t a Warm Cocoon, & that’s a Good Thing.


Transformation isn’t as simple as climbing into a cocoon, and dreaming until we unfold our butterfly wings.

Changing is a dance.

We glide forward, and then back, and forward again.

It’s moving in a rhythm—most likely our own inner one—across the dance floor of life.

At times, we’ll space out, and trip over our own toes, thinking that we don’t know how to dance, but we do. We’ll sit on the floor under the weight of self-loathing until we remember that change isn’t meant to be a warm cocoon.

It’s the pressures of living that shape us into our gorgeous selves.

Our bodies were made to be in motion.

We’re designed to enjoy the sensation of wind along our arms, to play in the ocean waves. We learn though loving, and losing. We’ll despise our mistakes in new jobs or old lovers.

And yet, we don’t learn by staying in a cocoon, but by experiencing life.

Sure, we’ll wonder if we made the wrong choices that got us to these moments where we’ve forgotten that dancing is part of living, even if we occasionally step on another’s toes, but still we must dance.

The beauty of transformation is in those awkward pauses after tumbling out of time, and being too scared to move. It is there in those moments of self-doubt that we’ll see how change takes a special sort of madness—a faith in ourselves, and others.

Transformation requires an ongoing dedication to effort—a persistence of our soul’s desire, especially through the chaos of the ordinary.

We’ll keep shuffling our feet, putting our hand on our heart, and discovering our pulse. Feeling the rhythm within our soul—the one that is constant as our world changes—we become who we are meant to be in this dance of being alive.

Via on Nov 23, 2015

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