First Big Change

Hubby left Saturday morning headed toward Dallas.  He stopped for the night and arrived early yesterday afternoon.  Today he started his new job while the girls and I work on finishing everything up here at home.  It’s the first BIG change toward our move and while I’ve been handling it pretty well, by this afternoon I suddenly hit the “OH MY GOD WE’RE MOVING” stage in this process.

There really is a system to moving and quite honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve done a great job figuring out that system.  Yes, I’ve packed, donated and tossed A LOT of stuff, but somehow I feel like I should be much further along.  As in I should have everything done and just be sitting here twiddling my thumbs, further along this process.

So instead of packing, cleaning and tossing, I sit here posting about my moving woe’s and the first big change that has taken place.  Really though, this is my excuse for a break from cleaning the kid’s bathroom.  And by-the-way, how does one manage to collect and store so much stuff in a bathroom?   It is unbelievable and I deserve this break from that mess 🙂

But now my break is over and I must get back to the task at hand.  Before I go to bed tonight, the bathroom will be emptied, cleaned and the door shut with a Do Not Enter sign attached.


    • I think I just hit the “overwhelm” wall today. Took a break and donated some stuff, then came back and finished the bathroom. One more room done and ready for our departure.

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