I jumped the gun yesterday.

Even though we were told closing was happening Tuesday morning, it appears that wasn’t accurate.

Around 7:30 last night, our lender called to let us know that closing has been moved to Wednesday.  It’s due to appraisal changes underwriting is requiring and the appraiser didn’t get them done yesterday.

We were promised this will be the last change, but at this point we’re not trusting anything we’re told.  After four changes, it becomes a little difficult to trust what we’re being told.  On top of that, underwriting is asking for more and more documentation.  It feels that as long as they have more time, they’ll just keep us busy chasing down documents. 

Our moment of joy dashed and now we wait to see what will actually happen.

On the bright side, I found out this morning that roofing materials were dropped off and tomorrow the roof will be replaced.  This was something the seller told us they would do from the very beginning and documents were signed stating they would replace the roof. 

With all the storms we’ve had this spring, I’m quite sure they wanted to wait until the last possible moment to try and avoid any possibility of another hail storm damaging the roof while they still carry the insurance on the house.  I’m also sure they didn’t want to default on the agreement, which would have given us the power to back out of buying the house.  Not that we would at this point, after all we’ve been thru just getting here.

So the roller coaster ride continues and with each blog post, I’m taking you along on the ride.


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