Rescheduled Again

After being home most of the day, we left to run some errands.  The sky opened up and began to pour down rain and around the same time we received an email from the lender telling us they were missing a form they had sent us to complete, sign and return to them.  They requested we complete the form, sign it and get it back to them asap.  So, while I’m driving in a torrential down-pour, hubby begins to search thru all the documents and finds the one they are missing.  It was one of several documents the lender had asked us to complete 1-2 weeks ago.  A document we had completed and signed.  A document hubby had scanned and emailed to them within 24 hours of their request.  He re-sent the missing document letting them know it was sent previously and should have been in their email records.  The lender confirmed receipt of the document and told us everything was back in the hands of underwriting.

A short time later I received a call from our realtor telling us that closing has once again been changed.  Instead of closing at 8:30 tomorrow morning, we’ve been pushed back to noon.  All because the lender neglected to submit a document.  Of course we must not forget that last Friday our closing was pushed out to Wednesday and we were guaranteed it would be the last time.  Instead, it’s been rescheduled again.

I can’t say any of this is too shocking.  After all, this is the seventh time our closing has been scheduled and rescheduled.

  1.  June 15th – the seller requested a later closing date so they had time to find a rental.
  2. May 26th – the seller found a rental sooner than expected, so everything was moved up.
  3. May 27th – appraisal wasn’t received in time.
  4. May 28th – appraisal needed updates and the updates weren’t completed in time
  5. May 31st – appraisal updates still weren’t completed in time
  6. June 1st – appraisal updates were completed and our file submitted to underwriting for final approval.  Closing at 8:30 a.m.
  7. June 1st – lender didn’t include a document needed by underwriting so closing pushed out to noon.

As of 6:40 this evening we’ve been guaranteed that underwriting will review the last document and we WILL be closing tomorrow at noon.  Until all paperwork is signed and we have keys in hand, I will not trust this is the last reschedule.

Once everything is truly done, I’ll post and share more detail.  Until then, I’ll wallow in my frustration and continue preparing for our eventual move.



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