Melting This Mommy’s Heart

After 5 months living in our new home, I finally tackled all the containers that I shoved into our coat closet.  I pulled out containers of coats, hats, gloves, pictures and home décor.  Since I’ve gotten one wall painted and ready for décor, hubby got out his tools and began hanging things.

As I was going thru all the photos I had displayed in our Illinois house, I came across a picture of Ben, our son who passed away in 2010.  It’s a photo that both hubby and I like quite a bit and we decided it should be put in a new frame and displayed on the wall.  However, not having an appropriate frame, I laid the photo aside.

Later in the evening, Naomi was sitting on the floor holding the picture of Ben.  She was examining it carefully and I asked her to please put it back with the other photos.  She did as I asked and then picked up paper and a pencil.  Soon she was asking me how to spell different words and I wondered what she was up to.

When she finished, she dropped her note into hubby’s lap.  It read . . . .


Hubby asked for a little clarification.  Naomi was simply saying she was sorry Ben died and wanted him to know that she has a good life.

Big time mommy heart melt!!!


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