Full Circle

Last year we celebrated our last Thanksgiving in our Illinois home.  Most everything was packed, so we ordered our Thanksgiving meal from our favorite grocery store.  Hubby picked it up and we sat down with our middle son, my SIL and her daughter for our feast.

Two days later,  hubby got in his car and headed south to Texas, ready to report to his new job.  The girls and I stayed behind to finish packing and get things ready for our big move a couple of weeks later.

One year later and we have celebrated our first Thanksgiving in Texas.  This time I prepared the meal and we gathered around the table with my other SIL, her husband, granddaughter, our nephew and my SIL’s dear friend.  We ate, we laughed and we remembered.  Then we ate some more, because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about 🙂

Tonight it hit me.  We have come full circle.

Hubby is celebrating his one year anniversary in Texas.  We have each celebrated a birthday.  Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary here.  We have celebrated every holiday in Texas.  The arrival of Christmas will mark seconds for us.  Our second Christmas.  Our second birthday celebrations.  Our second holidays celebrated in Texas.

Year one was exciting, but more than that, it was challenging in so many ways.

I must admit that I’m happy to put year one behind us and am excited to see what year two has in store.


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