Garden Beginnings

Container gardening requires containers.  Containers can get costly, so I’ve been watching a local garage sale group on FB hoping to find some good, colorful containers for my new gardening adventure.

Lucky for me, I scored big time!!!!!

I happened to be on Facebook when someone posted that she was selling some ceramic pots for a friend.  There were several in the photo and she said there were more not in the picture.  I immediately sent her a message and said, “I want them.”

A few hours later, the girls and I headed a few miles down the road and headed back home with these . . . . .


And this one . . . .


that included the fern.  In addition, I scored a few small ones that will be good for some herbs, plus this larger plastic container . . . . .


Once I clean in out and add in some fresh soil, it will work nicely for growing some vegetables.

But the one I’m most excited about is this one . . . . .


A very large pot with a mango tree!!!!!

I really wanted to experiment with growing some fruit trees in containers, but didn’t expect I would walk away with a potted Mango tree for $10.

In all, I spent $50 on 13 pots, one containing a fern and the other a Mango tree.

Not a bad deal at all!!!

Now I need a plant dolly for the Mango tree so I can more easily move it. For tonight though, it sits on the patio.  I’ll work on moving it to a location that will still get plenty of sunlight, while being a little more protected.

This gardening season should be a fun experiment and I have some tools to help me get started.  My hope is that I’ll have at least a little success in the process.


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