Planning the Journey

Sometimes we plan our journey and discover that it is a smooth ride on a straight road. Other times the road we’re on is full of twists and turns.

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Sometimes it’s full of pot holes.

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Sometimes there will be a Y in the road or hit a dead end.

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There are times we may need to pull over to the side of the road to study the map we’ve created. Do we continue forward? Do we turn around and take another road? Do we carefully navigate the twist and turns? Can we make our way around the pot holes without damage? Do we go left or right?

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Planning the journey allow us to make choices along the way. All those choices we have made lead us to exactly where we are now.

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From time to time I reflect on how all the choices I have made in my life have lead me to some wonderful places. They also lead me to some painful places, but those pains have also brought me to the here and now.

Now we have come to another fork in the road and there are choices to be made.

Do we go around it, squeeze thru the tines, climb over it, turn around?

Sometimes planning the journey has a clear route. Sometimes we might need to take the road less traveled.

So we’ll continue planning the journey, but most of all, we’ll enjoy the view along the way

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