Playing Tip-it

Does anyone remember the game Tip-it?

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The whole idea was to make sure the game stayed balanced to prevent the character on top from falling.

I remember playing this game as a kid, trying so hard to make sure everything was balanced to keep the Tip-it character in place. It was a great way of learning how to keep things balanced.

As I played this game in my childhood, I had no clue how much of my life would be spent trying to keep things balanced.

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I have had to pick up my little Tip-it character more than a few times and start again.

This game was something hubby brought up recently as we were discussing plans for retirement (an on-going topic in our house). It was an “aha” moment as I realized just how much that game, mimics real life.

We begin the balance game as an infant learning to sit, stand, crawl and walk. Then we move on to more advanced stages of the game learning to balance life in education,

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and relationships.

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The Tip-it game is never-ending and while still fun at times, keeping that little character balanced firmly at the top becomes more and more challenging, yet more and more important.

Even though the Tip-it game doesn’t take up space on our game shelves (maybe it should), it is a game that we will continue to play throughout our lives in one way or another.

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