Our Happy Place

Hubby is working the first week of our vacay, so the girls and I spent a few hours on the powdery white sand of Siesta Key.

Having never been to Florida in April, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was NOT disappointed.

The temperature was in the upper 80’s. There was a beautiful ocean breeze. The water felt a bit cool when we first stepped in, but in no time it felt perfect.

This picture didn’t capture the joy this young lady feels when her feet hit the water. She spent the majority of our beach visit in water trying to catch the perfect wave to pull her back to shore.
This little beauty was only 1 1/2 when we were on our last beach vacation. She wasn’t sure about the waves at first, but in no time at all she was trying to body surf.
Every time we hit the beach, her goal is to dig as deep a hole as possible. She spent just enough time in the water to cool off and then get back to digging. From the moment we arrived at the beach to the moment we left, she smiled. It seems to be her happt place too. And don’t worry, we filled the hole before we left.
I too am in my happy place when my feet touch the water. I’m also in my happy place when my feet hit the sand. And when I see the ocean. The sights, sounds and smells of the ocean are so calming. I love it!

I asked Arryn what her favorite part of the beach was and she said, “The pool”. Most of us refer to it as the gulf or the ocean, but to her it’s simply the beach pool.

I think we’ll be making several trips to the beach and beach pool over the next two weeks. It really is our happy place.

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