Here Lizard Lizard Lizard

When we bought our first house in Texas, we had a few lizards that would visit from time to time. Typically we would see one and a handful of times we saw two hanging around, but for the most part, we didn’t see them at all.

I loved seeing the lizards knowing they would help themselves to the bugs around the house. However, I was disappointed that our lizard population never seemed to grow and I certainly didn’t see them on a daily basis.

Since arriving in Florida, I have seen lizards, and not just a couple here and there. They are everywhere!! And I see them multiple times every day.

There is a lizard family living around the rental house and in the shrubs that divide this house from the house next door. In the mornings, when I take the dogs outside, I regularly see baby lizards scurrying across the grass into the shrubbery. Some larger (but still small) lizards regularly climb the screened enclosure warming themselves in the sun.

I’ve gotten startled more than a few times as I walk out the door and they scatter to safety. But even though they startle me from time to time, they are a welcome sight.

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