You Just Never Know

I regularly consider different topics for my blog posts and have started many that I’ve never completed. An idea will pop in my head and I’ll get started only to second guess myself and decide to come back to it later. Very few are ever finished that way. At least for me. I need to sit and keep writing until I have put all my thoughts and information in my post. If I don’t, it will sit in my drafts for months and months and months collecting dust.

Maybe it’s just me, (although that is highly unlikely), but I want to write things that are of interest to me and to others.

When I started this blog so many years ago, the primary goal was to have a diary of sorts. A place where I could share information about our adoptions which morphed into information about foster care and our life. I talked about the kids, our family, and our adventures. It became a place where my kids could go when I’m gone and read about me and our family. They could read about all our adventures and see pictures. They could learn more about the things we enjoyed, read about our happy times as well as our sad times. A place their children and their children’s children could go to learn about their ancestors. Assuming this blog is able to be viewed in 25, 50 or 100 years.

I don’t have thousands of followers or even hundreds of regular visitors. I’m lucky if 40 people view a post. However, when I put time into writing a post, it’s always nice to discover that a topic of interest to me is also a topic of interest to many others outside my circle of family and friends.

Several years ago I wrote such a post. It was one that I second guessed, but it interested me so I eventually completed it and put it out into the universe. Or at least out into the blogosphere. What I didn’t expect, is that it would become my top post. One that is still viewed seven years later. Yet, it is!

See the source image

You just never know how many people might stumble across something you wrote and find it of interest.

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