Bringing It Back

When Lili and Naomi were little, we began a new Holiday tradition.

I purchased several Holiday books, wrapped them and put them under the tree.

Every night for a couple weeks before Christmas, the girls would each choose a book to unwrap and we would read them together. Then, on Christmas Eve, we would read “The Night Before Christmas.”

See the source image

Each year I would add books to our collection so our two weeks before Christmas turned into three weeks, then four weeks and eventually we began reading book starting on Thanksgiving night.

The girls got older and the tradition just faded away, but I kept the book packed away in a storage container.

While cleaning and organizing over the weekend, I pulled out the box of books and moved them to our bedroom. Now that Arryn is 3-yrs-old, we’re bringing it back.

I explained to her that I would wrap all the books and starting on Thanksgiving she could unwrap two books and we would read them together before bed. She LOVES books! Needless-to-say, this tradition is already a hit with her, even though it hasn’t yet started.

Today I went thru the books and realized that Arryn is too young for some of the books so new ones will be added. However, she isn’t the only one excited about bringing back this World of Weeks Family Tradition.

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