36 Years Ago

Hubby and I tied the knot!

We really didn’t have a great support system when we got married.

Hubby’s mom was concerned about a single, never-married man marrying a woman with two kids. Add to that, the fact that one of those kids would come with additional challenges due to autism. At the very least, she wanted us to wait. Although she would have probably preferred hubby not marry me at all and go out to find a single woman with no kids instead.

My parents told us they were not in favor of us getting married. My mom compared hubby to her own father who was a single, never-married man who married my grandmother who was a widow with 7 children. In her eyes, hubby would never be as good as a husband or step-parent to my children as her father was to her mother and half-siblings.

Regardless of the doubts and lack of support, we moved ahead with a small wedding and reception. Two days later, we got into our loaded Chevy Chevette and began the drive to Ft. Lewis, WA where hubby would finish out his enlistment.

We’ve gone thru a lot in our 36 years.

We added 4 more children. We bought our first home, built a new home, and moved cross-country twice. We buried hubby’s parents and a son. We have travelled both in the U.S. and Internationally. We have lived thru both feast and famine. We have experienced so much in life, both good and bad. Our marriage has gone thru highs and lows, but thru it all, we’ve stayed together and our love has only grown stronger. I can’t imagine growing older with anyone else!

Years ago, a song came out that described so much of our lives together. For many years I have posted the video to this song because it will always describe our lives together.


  1. Congratulations!
    I see 2 people who worked hard to make marriage work. Many don’t….
    We’ve been working hard on ours for 41 yrs.

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