Tis the Season

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Every couple of months, our little city holds a “Chunk Your Junk” day. It’s a day for people, like us, who seems to collect more cardboard than will fit in the recycle can each week; who collect more plastic grocery bags than will fit in the house; who end with styrofoam or other large pieces of garbage that can’t be put in the garbage can for pick up each week and the list goes on. So, we load up the back of the van and take it to “Chunk Your Junk” day. The city recycles most of what is dropped off. It’s a win-win!

But this “Chunk Your Junk” day is especially important because we are no longer able to get to our Christmas decor due to all the junk that needs to be chunked.

Tis the season to clean out the garage so we can get to the decorations and get the house decked out in time for Thanksgiving.

Last year we moved into our new house 20 days before Christmas. There wasn’t a lot of time to unpack and get the Christmas decorations up. This year we’re settled in and deciding what decor we should add to our collection. This house is bigger and there are some great decor options to explore. It’s also something that our girls have looked forward to since moving into this house.

Okay, so we won’t be decorated quite this much, but we have options we haven’t had in a long time and we’re excited to deck the halls this year.

Tis the Season!

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