A Little Magic

I am a sucker for Christmas movies. Most are really corny and predictable, but I do enjoy them.

This year, I decided to watch one Christmas movie a night and I started watching them this past week. Naomi and a little bit Lili, enjoy them as well.

Over the weekend we watched a new movie on Netflix called “Love Hard.” I really don’t expect a lot from these movies, so this one was a bit of a surprise. It was funny, touching and other than Arryn (who is too young), we enjoyed it as a family.

Tonight, I was searching for another movie to watch and saw something on Netflix called “Dash and Lily”. The trailer was intriguing and I thought it was a movie, but then discovered it’s an 8-episode show. I made it thru 4 of the episodes and it is so much better than I expected.

Finding these movies and shows that give me more than I’m expecting adds a little magic and right now, I could use a little magic in my life.

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