More Pictures and Something to Think About

Lili loves to eat black beans, but apparently she loves wearing them as much as she loves eating them.

Now, onto a more serious topic. I have some other blogs linked to my blog. They are all listed on the right hand side of my blog page. One of them is Kerri’s Journey. Kerri is a mommy, who like me has a beautiful little girl from Guatemala. She also has a beautiful daughter from Ethiopia, so for obvious reasons I very much enjoy following her blog. Kerri posted an interesting article today on some of the differences between Obama and McCain and then gave her opinion. I would encourage everyone to go out and read this post as it brings up some very good points.


  1. I love that black bean face!Glad you enjoyed my post. I have mixed feelings about posting about politics. My blog is really about my family but I have such strong feelings about this election and the future I see for my children depending on the outcome on Tuesday that right now I have to post about it.

  2. Could she be any cuter?? Are you sure she really ate any beans 😉 I read Kerris facts too and I was stunned seeing the difference right , how people can even PRETEND Obama is LESS qualified then Palin, or even Mccain. btw~ it is 38 tonite here …you can still come on down 🙂

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