Lili Smiles

A couple days ago I mentioned my challenge in getting Lili to smile for pictures. Last night at dinner I was able to get lots of smiles from her so daddy got the camera and started taking pictures. Success!!!

(Sorry about the messy face and bib, but we have to take what we can get these days.)
My friend Julie is an angel. She has given Lili several of her girls outgrown clothes and fortunately for Lili and I, Julie has good taste in clothes. One of Julie’s favorite places to shop is Children’s Place and thanks to Julie and one of my other friend’s, Nicole, Lili has several items from Children’s Place. A few weeks ago Lili and I were out running errands and I decided to check out Children’s Place for myself. I had no idea they have such great sales and their clothes are adorable. I went in for the sole purpose of buying Lili some p.j.’s, but walked out with the little outfit Lili is modeling in the next two photos.
She’s stylin’.


  1. Love her sweet smile, messy and all !! 🙂 I dont understand how anyone couldnt know who they are voting for at this point…wierd. Poor Mccain I think he is so ready for the election to be over, he seems to be struggling to find his footing each day. Gotta love Obama 🙂

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